Tips for Teaching Children in the Middle of Technological Progress

Surely all parents want to raise their children to be smart and focused even though there are currently many digital distractions. Even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates also limited the time using technology for their children.

Sometimes parents need to understand that it’s okay to put the child in charge. This is a way for them to learn to understand their own behavior.

As reported by CNBC, here are three things to teach children

Teach them at a young age

Nowadays it is difficult to avoid children from using technology. Therefore parents can explain that there is so much time to enjoy, besides using gadgets.

Spending too much time with the application means less time to play with friends and parents.


Basically, technology companies are designed to make children captivated and accustomed to using technology. It is important for children to understand the motives of game companies and social networks.

It should be understood that companies are motivated to make children spend time watching. That becomes important in teaching media literacy.


Most important is to involve the child in the conversation and help them set their own rules. When parents set rules without involving them, children may become upset.

Every family is important to hold a discussion about the role of technology that is played in the family. It’s the same with other families who have debates and that’s a natural thing.

Actually to use technology is the responsibility of the user. But it is important for parents to realize their children that technology products are designed for positive things.